Throop Peak (9138 ft, W6/CT-005), 24 May 2013

I have had a bad cold and cough for 2 weeks, but was getting antsy so I decided to activate Throop Peak. Although it is high at 9138 ft, the trail head starts at Dawson Saddle which is 7901 ft. The summit is about a mile and a half of hiking from the road. There are trail heads about 50 yards up the road from the parking lot, and 50 yards below the parking lot. The two paths meet up on the ridge after a couple of hundred yards. Started the hike at 7:30AM.


A very pleasant and sunny walk. This is what I love about these mountains. When I was young, I hiked in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which are covered to tree line with dense forest. Here in the San Gabriels, unless you are lower down and caught up in Chaparral, the forest is thin enough to see where you are going to!


Throop Peak in sight from the ridge.


After an hour and a quarter, arrived at the brushy summit. There is a plaque there for the founder of Cal Tech, Amos Throop.


A very comfortable operating position, down the north slope a bit. A log to put the radio on, and a low boulder to sit on.


And the well-used antenna tree.


Started on 20 meters, because I heard W6UB operating on Waterrock Knob North Carolina. Made the following contacts:

14 MHz: W6UB (s2s w4c wm004) , NA6MG, W7CNL, VE2JCW, N4MJ, W4ZV (s2s w4v ra055 Chestnut Knob in Virginia), NS7P, VE7CV, W0MNA, K4PIC, WG0AT, K0JQZ (s2s w0 fr034 Mt Rosa in Colorado)

10 MHz: K6TUY


10 MHz was disappointing, a strange buzzing sound on the band, may have been caused by the elevated solar activity.

This was the first time I had spent time on the summit, so I really enjoyed the great view. Previously, I had quickly tagged the summit as part of hikes in which I had concentrated on Mt Baden Powell or Mt Hawkins.

View towards Mt Islip and Mt Wilson


Mt Hawkins further along the ridge


Mt Williamson


And on the descent down the ridge, here is Mt Lewis. Dawson Saddle (not visible) is between Mt Lewis and the ridge line. Mt Lewis is 9396 ft, so it fails to be a SOTA summit by 5 feet by the 500 ft requirement (6396 – 7901 = 495)! Too bad. By my calculations, it does meet the baseline SOTA requirement of 150 meters above the pass. Maybe we could get a waiver to use the European standard????


After, enjoyed a cheese burger and a beer at Newcomb’s Ranch. My cold wasn’t any better, but I had a great day!

73, Hal

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