NA6MG, K6TUY, K7SO and N6JZT on Mt. Islip (CT-010) and Table Mountain (CT-067), 19 July 2013

Well, we had our own SOTA “social network” up in the San Gabriels! I joined NA6MG (Dan), K6TUY (Bob) and K7SO (Doc) for a nice day in the mountains. I left at 5AM, and arrived below Windy Gap about one and a half hours later. Dan’s truck was already there. A nice and quick hike up a few hundred feet to Windy gap, then caught up with the others about 15 minutes later. We introduced ourselves and continued up in a convivial group.

Me, Dan, Bob, Mike (a hiker we met at the top) and Doc:

Dan (NA6MG) setting up

Bob (K6TUY)

Doc (K7SO)

Dan set up his end fed half wave antenna and his FT-817, Bob set up his KX3. We all made a bunch of QSOs, including 2 meter contacts with each other in and out of the activation zone to pick up chaser points. Here are my activation QSOs: 2 meters: WA6MMI, KW6ACK, K7SO, K6TUY, NA6MG 20 meters CW: N02D, N4MJ
Chaser QSO: K7SO

The descent…Windy Gap

Bob descending from Windy Gap

Dan and his pickup on the Angeles Crest Highway below Windy Gap

Then we drove along the ACH for about a half hour to the “Mountain High North” parking lot near the top of Table Mountain. This mountain is a walkup, taking 5 or 10 minutes from the parking lot…and easy way to “climb” a 7600 foot mountain!

Me, Doc and Dan

My activator QSOs: 2 meters K6TUY, K7SO 20 meters CW WB5USB, N4EX, N1EU, K5DEZ, N4MJ
My chaser QSOs on 2 meters: K6TUY, K7SO

Doc and Bob

Dan on the perilous descent!

Dan, Bob and Doc continued to Wrightwood in the truck to get cold drinks, I headed back to LA in the jeep…I wanted to beat the rush hour traffic through downtown LA. It’s unfortunate to have to time my trips to the crowded freeways! Anyway, we had a great day and it was nice to meet other SOTA hams in person.


PS Dan’s pictures are at:!i=2645986647&k=CfC4d8r

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