Poodle Dog, Poodle Dog, wherefore art thou Poodle Dog?

Well, I would upgrade the severity of Poodle Dog bush on me to a “3” out of 10 on my Poison Oak scale. Poison Oak and Ivy is “drives me nuts with the agony of itching and arm is encrusted with blisters”, Poodle Dog (so far) is “moderately irritating with itching”. That being said, I have treated it with Benadryl, and went to the doctor last night who gave me shots of prednisone, dexamethasone (steroids), and prescriptions for oral prednisone (5 days) and Triamcinolone cream.

Here is what Poodle Dog looks like 7 days after contact, I sure don’t want to touch it again! If I run into it in the Angeles Forest former burn areas I will find another way around, or turn back. The Poodle Dog on Mt. Pacifico was along the sides of the Pacific Crest Trail.


And here 10 days after contact. The triamcinalone seems to help alot. I have also has some secondary outbreaks on my thigh and abdomen, don’t know if they were due to poodle dog oil or my immune sytem just over reacting…they don’t itch as much as the initial splotches.


Trail Running through Vermont’s Green Mountains


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