Kratka again: for summit to summit, 24 August 2013

I saw that Mike (W6AH) was heading up to Mt. Islip, and Tim (K6TW) and Nate (N0PCL) were heading up to Cucamonga Peak. So on the spur of the moment headed up to Kratka Ridge to make some summit to summit QSOs with them. I chose Kratka because it is only a 35 minute hike up from the Angeles Crest Highway.

On the way up, I stopped at Newcomb’s Ranch and had a small breakfast of toast with honey, and scrambled eggs. As expected, a pleasant and cool hike up, set up the antenna at the “room with a view” of my winter activation. The weather was cool in the shade (mid 60s) but felt hot in the sun. A beautiful day.

Pretty soon after getting to the top, I heard Mike working a station in the bay area on 2 meters, then I worked Mike using my HT. He had a few boy scouts with him. Tim called in on 2 meters and said he and Nate were on the trail, but would be at the summit soon. I worked Mike on 20 meter CW, then a few more QSOs. Then went to 30 meters, called CQ but no-one around. I saw later that the RBN had heard me but the spot did not come up on the SOTA website, I wonder why? Went back to 20 meters, made a bunch of QSOs on CW. Tim called me on 2 meter FM and we chatted, then worked Nate on 20 m sideband, then a few more SSB QSOS, followed by a CW 20m QSO with Nate and finally a 2 m FM QSO with him. So a lot of fun working back and forth summit to summit on different bands and modes.

W6AH – 2m FM and 20 m CW
K6TW – 2 m FM
N0PCL – 20 m SSB, 20 m CW, and 2 m FM

20 m CW – KD7WPJ (on W7U NU065), W4EON (on W4V SH 011), K1JD, NS7P, N4MJ, N4EX, VE2JCW, N7WM, KC3RT, VE7NI


Took the antenna down as I chatted with the guys on the HT. Mike was heading over to Kratka after Islip to activate too. I hung around on the summit to enjoy the great views, then headed down, and back to Torrance.


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