Marathon: Pallett Benchmark on Pleasant View Ridge, 7983 ft (W6/CT-058), 23 October 2013

This is a long one, 14 miles round trip with 2600 ft elevation gain out and 1000 ft gain back, mostly in the last two miles. Parked at the bottom of Buckhorn Campground. Started the hike at 0620. The temperature was 38 degrees F. There was a gibbous moon providing some light, and I used my head lamp until the sky got bright enough.


First you go downhill for a mile and a half or so, then start up hill

Winston Ridge. I found the geography rather confusing as the trail wended its way through the canyons.

Beautiful autumn morning

My companion

Nearing the 5 mile mark at Burkhart Saddle.

Then up the ridge on a use trail towards Will Thrall Peak. There is lots of nice shade on this hike.

Finally a good view of Pallett Benchmark, the high point of Pleasant View Ridge. We go over Will Thrall to get there.

Strawberry Peak in the distance from the summit of Will Thrall.

Finally at the summit of Pallett Benchmark after 3 hours and 50 minutes of hiking. Yes there is a benchmark here!

The temperature in the shade was in the low 50s, but nice and toasty in the sun.

Set up the dipole and station. Was on the air only about 40 minutes, since it was a long hike back to the start!
14 MHz CW: N4EX N4MJ NS7P K6TW W7CNL W0MNA W0ERI N7WM KT5X VE7KBN N7UN K6TUY(s2s w6 cc-005) KE5AKL (s2s w5n mg-030)

10 MHz CW:KU6J WA6RIC W7RV N7CW N7AMA NA6MG (s2s w6 cc-005)

Dan (NA6MG), Tim (K6TW) and I all got “SOTA Complete” for this summit today.


Bare Mountain in middle of picture, you can see the prominent fire break. Pacifico is near the top to the left (pine trees on summit). I think Mt Gleason is the long hump top left center, farthest away.

I think that’s the San Andreas Fault out there

Then began the second and toughest part of the hike…getting “down”. Passed over Will Thrall again.

My stash of 3 pints of water, just above Burkhart Saddle. I carried 3 more pints to the summit and drank one of them during the activation.

I have to go down to the bottom of the canyon, then a mile and a half or so back up the canyon in the distance

Movin’ along

View back towards Pallett Benchmark (L) and Will Thrall (R).

Giant and old Cedars in the canyon. Really dragging the last two uphill miles, doing 40 minutes a mile. Just taking it 5 minutes at a time.

Pretty touches of autumn.100_3206

3 hours 25 minutes to get back, of which 15 to 20 minutes was for rest and water breaks. Took 6 pints of water, and drank 4 of them. From the exertion and hiking time required for this peak, I would say it was about the same energy required as when I walked/jogged the LA Marathon in past years, with times ranging between 6 and 6 and a half hours. There is also a 100 mile Angeles Crest Endurance Run, you would have to do SEVEN of these Pallett hikes one after the other to do what they do (in 18 to 33 hours), they seem super human to me!

It was a fabulous hike, but I don’t think I need to do it again, it was very tough. “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first”!



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