Kagel Mountain 3537 ft (W6 CT-170), 23 December 2013

This was a nice 3 mile walk up a dirt road over rolling hills. The weather was beautiful and the views were great. Kagel Mountain is a few miles south and east of Los Pinetos (F2 Benchmark).

Started from Dillon Pass at about 0730. Went west along the dirt road. To the east on the other side of Little Tujunga Road, the dirt road continues up up up and along Mendenhall Ridge, passing SOTA Peak Iron Mountain CT-024 after what would be a strenuous 12 mile bike ride.


Not sure where the summit is, so just continue my stroll…

Summit is the tiny clump of brush in the center of the picture. I could see a wind sock but it doesn’t come out in the photo.

There it is!


Bench and picnic table make for a comfortable set up. Mountain is used by hang gliders. I guess they get they keys to the gate when they come up at weekends.

Thanks for the QSOs! Dan NA6MG was on Watkins Benchmark SD-218 off in the desert somewhere.

16:54z NA6MG 14MHz CW
17:01z KK1W 14MHz CW
17:02z WA2USA 14MHz CW
17:04z ND0C 14MHz CW
17:05z W0MNA 14MHz CW
17:05z K7NEW 14MHz CW
17:06z NS7P 14MHz CW
17:07z W0ERI 14MHz CW
17:08z N4MJ 14MHz CW
17:09z W4DOW 14MHz CW
17:10z KG3W 14MHz CW
17:11z K4PIC 14MHz CW
17:11z K0YO 14MHz CW
17:12z W4AMW 14MHz CW
17:13z AB7YL 14MHz CW
17:14z NK6A 14MHz CW
17:15z K6TUY 14MHz CW
17:16z N7UN 14MHz CW
17:17z DJ5AV 14MHz CW
17:18z N0EVH 14MHz CW
17:19z KF4MH 14MHz CW
17:20z AE4FZ 14MHz CW
17:28z K6EL 10MHz CW
17:31z KA7CVJ 10MHz CW
17:34z WA6RIC 10MHz CW
17:36z W7CNL 10MHz CW
17:38z WB5USB 10MHz CW
17:39z W7USA 10MHz CW
17:42z N6KZ 10MHz CW
17:43z KI0G 10MHz CW
17:44z WA7JTM 10MHz CW
17:45z W7RV 10MHz CW
17:46z K7JFD 10MHz CW
17:47z NK6A 10MHz CW


Magic Mountain with its two radio towers. We have submitted this peak for SOTA status since its prominence is greater than 500 feet. Somehow it was overlooked.

Mendenhall Ridge left, Condor Peak right. Rugged country!

Heading down….

One and a quarter hours up, one hour down. Hike is about 5.4 miles round trip, with about 1200 feet elevation gain.



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