An Autumn Day in Winter, Kratka Ridge (W6 CT-014) 11 Jan 2014

No snow! Very strange here in the San Gabriels for mid January. So continues our third year of drought, though so far this year is much drier than the previous two.

Also, yesterday, HRO delivered a Wouxon HT for 440 and 2 meters. I set it up for the Mt Wilson repeater frequency 449.7 MHz, so my wife Miriam could hear me from the mountains. She is not a ham, but every so often I could call out my location so she could hear it in our living room at home. During my trip today this worked very well.

This slope on the hike up should be completely covered in snow!

I set up at the summit. The antenna was lower than usual, so I don’t think I got out as well as previous activations.

My first QSO was with KE6UPI, David, on Palomar Mountain, CT-020. This was using the HT on 2 meters FM. He is not a SOTA activator, so I confirmed that he was actually on the summit. There were the NA QSO Party and Straight Key contests today so things were hectic on 20 meters. While I was operating on 20 meters, one of the wires to the morse key broke just as N4EX was calling me. I stripped the wire using my teeth but didn’t get back on frequency in time to work all the chasers who were around, and was unable to complete the contact with N4EX. Later, worked Gary K9ZMD who was in the SKCC as K3Y/7.

18:27z KE6UPI 144MHz FM s2s palomar W6 CT-020, David
18:33z WS0TA 14MHz CW s2s W5N SE-040
18:49z NS7P 14MHz CW
18:50z W7CNL 14MHz CW
18:52z AJ5C 14MHz CW
18:53z N1EU 14MHz CW This is when the wire to the key broke at the terminal!!!
18:57z KX7L 14MHz CW
18:58z N7WM 14MHz CW
18:59z N7CNH 14MHz CW
19:14z K6EL 10MHz CW
19:17z W7RV 10MHz CW
19:17z KU6J 10MHz CW
19:19z KF7PXT 10MHz CW
19:20z K7JFD 10MHz CW
19:22z K0YO 10MHz CW
19:22z VE7KBN 10MHz CW
19:24z N7CW 10MHz CW
19:26z W7LXN 10MHz CW Myron AZ 100W 3el
19:32z K6TUY 10MHz CW
19:33z AE9F 10MHz CW
19:34z WA6RIC 10MHz CW
19:41z K3Y/7 14MHz CW Gary – K9ZMD
19:47z WG0AT 14MHz CW

So a pretty nice activation, sunny and a little wind, temp about 50F. View of Pallett Benchmark (L) and Will Thrall Peak (R)

Up the road, the Mt. Waterman ski area is bereft! Can anyone remember no snow in mid January???


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