Table Mountain (W6 CT-067), 7516 ft, 13 June 2014

My right knee has been hurting, so I wanted an easy peak. On Table Mountain, you can drive up almost all the way; a quarter mile walk and 100 ft of elevation gain takes you to the summit.

Drove up via the Angeles Crest Highway, then onto Table Mountain Road near Wrightwood. Parked in the parking lot at the end. This is the “Mountain High North” ski area, in the summer it is called “Sky High Disc Golf”. It used to be called “Ski Sunrise” but Mountain High now runs all three ski areas here: Mountain High West, East (once called Holiday Hill), and North. “North” is kind of unusual in that you drive almost to the top of the mountain, then ski down to the lifts on the north slope.

The weather was bright and fair, in the 60s. My operating site. I set up the mast because I didn’t feel like jumping around to throw the antenna up to a tree branch.

I had brought the heavy IC-706 and 20Ah battery, so I could operate on 17m and also SSB. Worked many stations, including DJ5AV in Germany, on SSB. I worked Keith KK6LKN when I first got to the summit. He was mobile and he and his wife were on their way to breakfast in Lancaster. Then as I was setting up I heard Ken KN6CCW and gave him a call. Ken kindly spotted me. Then I found my cell phone worked so I was able to spot myself to the SOTA site with text messages.

Date:13/Jun/2014 Summit:W6/CT-067 (Table Mtn.) Call Used:N6JZT Points: 8 Bonus: 0 Delete
Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:08z KK6LKN 144MHz FM /m, Keith
15:30z KN6CCW 144MHz FM
15:40z WA2USA 18MHz SSB
15:43z N4EX 18MHz SSB
15:44z KF7JQV 18MHz SSB
15:46z N4MJ 18MHz SSB
15:47z N7UN 18MHz SSB
15:47z NS7P 18MHz SSB
15:49z DJ5AV 18MHz SSB
15:50z K0LAF 18MHz SSB
15:54z W7CNL 18MHz SSB
15:59z N0EVH 18MHz CW
16:00z N1EU 18MHz CW
16:01z K8TE 18MHz CW
16:04z KG3W 18MHz CW
16:08z WB5CTS 18MHz CW /m near Winslow AZ Steve
16:12z N0OI 18MHz CW
16:30z KT5X 14MHz CW
16:31z WB5USB 14MHz CW
16:33z K9ZMD 14MHz CW
16:34z W7CNL 14MHz CW
16:35z AB5RE 14MHz CW
16:37z K6TUY 14MHz CW
16:38z NA6MG 14MHz CW
16:39z KF7WNS 14MHz CW
16:40z N7KRN 14MHz CW
16:41z W7RV 14MHz CW
16:41z K4PIC 14MHz CW
16:42z NK6A 14MHz CW
16:43z N7WM 14MHz CW
16:44z KC6SSE 14MHz CW
16:45z K6EL 14MHz CW s2s w6 nc 423
16:52z NS7P 14MHz SSB
17:03z W7RV 10MHz CW
17:06z K7SO 10MHz CW
17:08z NM5S 10MHz CW
17:09z N6KZ 10MHz CW
17:10z N7EDK 10MHz CW
17:14z NK6A 10MHz CW
17:15z K6TUY 10MHz CW

Top of the ski lift

Baden Powell to the west

Mountain High West. During the late 80s I would come here and go night skiing. That was pretty cool.

On the drive down. From L to R: Pine, Baldy, and Iron Mtn


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