VHF Activation of Los Pinetos Nike Site ( F2 Benchmark, W6 CT-158), 4020 ft, 28 July 2014

I had the nice Nissan Altima rental car for one more day, so I thought I would go for a drive to Big Tujunga and Little Tujunga Canyons. And perhaps an activation of CT-158 Los Pinetos Nike Site during the Little Tujunga part.

Left the house at 0500. Up to Big Tujunga and checked out the Wildwood and Vogel Flats day use areas. The river was flowing and not dried out. Then parked at mile marker 4.5 and took a trail along and above the canyon for about an hour’s walk. The weather was overcast (thunderstorms yesterday) and 74 degrees.

Looking down Big Tujunga Canyon near the start of my walk

Condor Peak far above

Then over to Little Tujunga and up the road to the hill. Near the top, as I started my short walk, the tech for the antenna test range arrived in his pickup and we said good morning to each other.

HT and J-pole operating site on F2 Benchmark Los Pinetos

Had some nice 2m QSOs with
N1CY Hassan walking his dog in Blackstar Canyon near Irvine Lake
WB6AJE John mobile going to work
K6GKA Gordon at work in Pasadena
N6HOY John in San Diego, 200 foot elevation, 130 miles distance
W6CJ Jay in Arcadia

I wasn’t able to work any of the usual SOTA 2m chasers, they may have been hidden by hills. Hassan said someone was calling me, this may have been a chaser I couldn’t pull the call out of the noise.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dwight says:

    Hi Hal,
    I plan to visit family in So Cal one of these days and am wonder what frequency is commonly used by mountain-toppers down there? I live in a rural area where 146.52 is used for all simplex. Is that what you use when you are near a city? Or, do you keep it clear by using another frequency?

    1. hal90505 says:

      Yep, 146.52 is good here. There isnt a whole lot of simplex activity (mostly repeater) so we use this freq alot for summits on the air

    2. hal90505 says:

      Yep, 146.52 is the freq to use here

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