Mt Waterman (W6 CT-012) 8038 ft, 9 Dec 2014

A nice day to hike before the storm predicted for later in the week. Temperature at the start was in the low 40s, clear, with a full moon in the dawn sky. Headed up about 0600. Waterman is a very nice hike up through the pine trees for 3 miles or so.

A beautiful day for a hike

Managed to lean the radio mast against the summit block, operated 2m FM and HF CW. Sheltered from the light wind, and in the sun.

Charles KM6CEM called me and then I made some 2m FM contacts as I was still setting up. Lots of activity on 20m, then on 30m. Thanks to everyone for being patient in the pileup on 20m!

And a nice walk down


16:00 144MHz FM KM6CEM
16:01 144MHz FM K6QCB
16:02 144MHz FM KN6CCW
16:15 144MHz FM KK6EHQ
16:18 144MHz FM AG6ZR
16:20 144MHz FM W6AH
16:21 144MHz FM KO6N
16:22 144MHz FM NA6MG
16:25 144MHz FM KB6CIO
16:37 14MHz CW N4EX
16:38 14MHz CW WB5USB
16:39 14MHz CW W0MNA
16:39 14MHz CW WA2USA
16:40 14MHz CW W0ERI
16:40 14MHz CW AC1Z
16:41 14MHz CW NS7P
16:42 14MHz CW NE4TN
16:43 14MHz CW N4MJ
16:45 14MHz CW W4DOW
16:46 14MHz CW K7TQ
16:46 14MHz CW AE0P
16:47 14MHz CW W0CCA
16:47 14MHz CW WA6KYR
16:48 14MHz CW KI0G
16:49 14MHz CW KG3W
16:50 14MHz CW NA6MG
16:50 14MHz CW K6TUY
16:52 14MHz CW W7RV
16:54 14MHz CW KI0SK
16:55 14MHz CW K0LAF
16:56 14MHz CW N7EDK
16:57 14MHz CW K5WI
16:58 14MHz CW KC6SSE
16:59 14MHz CW N7CW
17:00 14MHz CW NK6A
17:05 10MHz CW W7RV
17:07 10MHz CW K6TUY
17:08 10MHz CW K9ZMD
17:11 10MHz CW K6EL
17:12 10MHz CW AE9F
17:14 10MHz CW W7CNL
17:18 10MHz CW N7ENL

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