Bike Ride on Vetter Mountain (W6 CT-021) 5908 ft, 16 January 2015

Another bike riding season in the mountains has begun, for me anyway. To start off an easy 2 miler up 500 ft to Vetter Mountain. Arrived at the Charlton Flat trailhead at 0620, and drank coffee and got the bike ready to set off at 0700. Since the bike ride would be short, I brought the 6 pound IC-706 transceiver and 7 pound Li 20AH battery, so I could operate 50W and hopefully make some summits on the air contacts with stations in Europe

The Jeep had just had some recall work done; they added a trailer hitch to “protect” the gas tank…so I was able to use my big bike rack which fits on a trailer hitch.

The weather was nice, in the low 40s, with only a breath of wind

I had to push the last quarter mile; I was out of breath so I need to get back in shape for the bike rides to come.


Set up the 18 MHz dipole, made lots of contacts including into England, Germany, Finland, and the Azores. Signals from the eastern USA were strong. This was pretty much as predicted by the VOACAP program. Then 10 MHz to work closer stations, and finished on 14 MHz.


Made 56 QSOs, a new SOTA record for me

Nice weather, getting into the mid 50s, and sunny

Mt. Baldy (W6 CT-003) in the distance, at the start of the nice ride down



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