High Power on Hoyt Mountain (W6 CT-146) 4404 ft, 13 Feb 2015

I’m recovering from a cold and mild flu…this year’s flu vaccine doesn’t work. I wanted a fairly easy hike, so chose Hoyt which is about 45 minutes to the top and about 800 feet (250m) elevation gain. I also looked at VOACAP and saw that propagation is possible to Europe on 17m, so I brought the heavy IC-706 and 20Ah battery so I could run 50W of RF.

Set off at 6AM, cairn at dawn. There are now four cairns on the way up


Mt. Lukens (W6 CT-030) to the West

Condor Peak (W6 CT-027) to the NW

First on 2m, then to 17m. The EU stations had good signal strength, but were hard to copy due to the propagation; the morse characters were running over each other due to different delays of different propagation paths. Still, worked quite a few including Spain, Germany, Switzerland and England. 17m was also good to most of the US. Picked up nearer stations on 30m, then Paul W0RW pedestrian mobile on 20m.

Nice views, no wind, and cool but got warmer during the activation. It was about 72F (21C) as I headed down

Josephine Peak (W6 CT-025) to the NE

Nice view down

Josephine, Strawberry (W6 CT-018) and Lawlor (W6 CT-089)

Back at the Angeles Crest Highway

Thank you chasers!


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