“Winter” Bike Ride to Mt. Gleason (W6 CT-017) 6520 ft, 16 Feb 2015

Our hot, dry “winter” continues…and other parts of the country get many feet of snow! So today was a good day for a bike ride to Mt. Gleason, with light SW winds forecast and temperatures to 70F (20C). Dan NA6MG decided to activate neighboring Mt Pacifico (W6 CT-015)

Started from Mill Creek Summit at 0615. Temperature 50F (10C)

After 4 miles, I pass beneath Little Gleason Mountain (Pt 6020, W6 CT-087), not today’s objective

I continue on

After just over 5 miles, I pass the turn off to Little Gleason then descend past the former fire camp to a saddle, then the road gets steep and I had to push the bike 1.5 miles, then can ride the final half mile to the top of Gleason

Fire camp burnt out during the huge Station Fire of 2009, which burned about 200 square miles of our forest

Set up the mast right on the bike, it worked well as an antenna support

Conditions were good on 20m and 30m

Mt Gleason is the former home of a Nike Hercules air defense radar. This was the highest Nike site in the US. The missiles were located at what became the fire camp. It was deactivated in 1974. All that remains are two water tanks, a storage hut with the roof burnt off, and fading traffic markings.

Instruments for measuring plate tectonics

Long ago the Air Defense Artillery soldiers used to park their cars here…

Dan NA6MG was over there on Mt Pacifico

Headed down at a fast clip on the bike

Power line work at the saddle. They have been doing this more than a year…

All the heavy equipment for the power line work has broken up the road!

One mile to go

Back down, for a total of 18 miles (29 km). Dan’s Jeep on the left. When I left in the morning, he had not arrived yet

An excellent bike ride and activation!

PS account of a previous activation o fMt Gleason:

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