Mt. Lawlor (W6 CT-089) 5957 ft, 7 March 2015

A nice moderate hike today. About 3 miles each way with 1300 ft elevation gain. Started at 0620, temperature 52F (11C).

San Gabriel Peak (W6 CT-019) across the way to the south, with snow still on its north face

Reached the saddle after an hour. Mt Pacifico (W6 CT-015)

Strawberry Peak (W6 CT-018)

Then up the ridge, reaching the top in another 40 minutes

First a QSO on 2m, then 20m and 30m, followed by 2m. I discovered the “secret” to operating with strong RFI and resulting intermod from Mt Wilson. I had assumed that the Yaesu VX6 HT did not have a front end attenuator, but it does! So I switched it on through the menus and was able to get rid of the nasty intermod noise. I assume the attenuator reduces sensitivity by 10 dB, but that is better than much more desens by the TV transmissions. I found I could even operate with the J-pole, so I was able to put out a good signal, and still receive pretty well too.


The descent, this is some of the scrambling. Below you can see a ridge to the left. You start along this but after the white rocks you turn sharp right.

Turn sharp right! A path continues on to the left but degenerates into bush whacking. This is where I made my mistake last May. The point is now well ducked, I added a fourth duck to the correct path.

A little snow here and there in the shade

As I was going down, I met a dozen or so people coming up to hike Strawberry Peak

Mt Blady (W6 CT-003) in the distance


Previous activation here:


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