Mt. Islip (W6 CT-010) 8250 ft, 12 June 2015

I was thinking of doing the long way again, from Islip Saddle, but decided to be lazy and did the direct route up to Windy Gap from the Angeles Crest Highway, then up to the summit; only an hour and 10 minutes.
20 minutes to windy gap from the road, up the steep use trail

Above Windy Gap. A beautiful sunny day, temperature about 60F (16C)

Near the top I saw two big horn rams! Yes, those horns are big! They ambled off before I managed to take a photo.

View south. Monrovia Peak (W6 CT-028) on the sky line, unactivated Peak 4654 (W6 CT-127) the rocky peak in the middle ground

Set up the 20m dipole and hung the 2m j-pole in a tree. Quickly worked WA7JTM on W7A AE-009 summit to summit on 20m, then went to 2m for 20 minutes. Later K7JFD s2s on W7A AP-006.


Worked some 2m now and then while I was also operating HF. After finishing on HF, hung the j-pole on the mast and got a better signal down to San Diego; worked my former colleague Ray WA6NVL; he and I retired on the same day at the same time almost 4 years ago. We processed out together! That was a good day!

View from the operating site after the gear was packed away

Throop Peak (W6 CT-005) to the east

And a quick hike down

Like last week, ran into some PCT hikers who wanted a short lift up the road to bypass the restricted area; this time three hikers. Dropped them off at Buckhorn campground so they could get some extra water.

Later, at mile marker 29 a few miles above La Canada, passed by an accident site where two cars had collided. The drivers seemed to be OK. When I got to cell phone range I started to call 911 but just then some emergency vehicles came by, so I terminated the call. Someone else had called before me, so that was OK.



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