Wendover Woods, Highest Point in the Chilterns (G CE-005) 876 ft, 25 June 2015

Staying in St, Albans, we have now rented a car, so took a drive over to Wendover Woods near Tring. Only took FM gear since I did not want to bore my family with CW HF…

Carefully (grimly?) driving on the left side of the road

This is a drive up hill, there is a nice cafe at the top where we first had lunch

With my son Stephen. 2m HT and SOTAbeams multi-function dipole antenna

With my wife Miriam

Worked Wayne 2E0WDJ from the parking lot, he was in Bedford maybe 30 miles away. My call sign: M/N6JZT/P

We took a nice walk through the forest for an hour. The top is nearly flat and the activation zone is very large.

I made one more contact, with Derrick G4SWY in Bushey Heath
Hal HT

There is a 2500 year old Celtic fort there in the forest, we walked beside the embankment they made so long ago

Back at the cafe for coffee

A very nice day, warm and some sun and a nice walk through the emerald forest. Only 2 QSOs but that’s what I expected on 2m, so not at all disappointed. Will probably activate again in 2 weeks with HF.

73! Hal N6JZT


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