Mt Baden Powell (W6 CT-004) 9399 ft, 12 August 2015

My third hike to Baden Powell, and second SOTA activation of this peak. As usual, went the “easy” way from Dawson Saddle at 7900 ft. On the drive up the Angeles Crest Highway, I stopped near Mt Wilson to see if I could spot any Perseid meteors. I saw one near the rising crescent moon….

Summer Hike to Throop Peak (W6 CT-005), 9138 ft, 3 August 2015

This seems to be my first summer activation of Throop Peak. Previous activations were in the winter and spring: So just a few photos for today’s activation. Started up at 0635 for a nice hike with sunny cool weather and little wind. One and a quarter hours to the top from Dawson Saddle….