Mt Emma (W6 CT-029) 5273 ft, 19 September 2015

Previous activation pictures and wrtieup here:

Well, my left shoulder “rotator cuff” (tendons/ligaments/muscles) has gone bad; I have limited movement in my left arm, so I will be doing easier hikes for many months to come. What happened? Don’t know exactly but I think it (and me) are getting old and the final straw was reaching into the refrigerator with my left arm and stretching too much to get something…pretty lame, huh? We are putting in a new kitchen and a few weeks before I had been moving a washer and dryer around. That probably did not help either…

So I thought I would hike Mount Emma, an easy one hour hike. Started around 0630, wearing a sling on my left arm, and carrying gear in a shoulder bag instead of a back pack. I had found on my previous activation on Bare Mountain a back pack was painful to put on over my left arm.

Mt Gleason (W6 CT-021) is the big lump to the left. The double lump right of center is Snow Benchmark (W6 CT-121) and Magic Mountain.

The setup at the top

Chatted with another hiker who was out for a nice hike early in the day with his wife. He said they often hiked up Mt Emma. He was intrigued by the ham radio.

A little more difficult to make contacts than usual; two contests were going on. I heard two activators back east (K1TNT and VE2JCW) but was unable to make contact. There is cell service on this peak, I saw Dan NA6MG was on Sherman Peak…too faint on 20m but we made a summit to summit QSO on 30m. This brought my summit to summit points to 1000 which is a milestone, perhaps I am now a mountain sloth or something?

30m cw: KA6AIL NA6MG

Sierra Pelona (W6 CT-116)

An easy hike down. The trail has a sign now! Note my blue shoulder bag

View down the road from the parking spot

I then drove over to Blum Ranch in Aliso Canyon and bought some fresh peaches, pears, tomatoes and corn. I chatted with the owner, Ray Billet. He was pleased I had made so many peach pies with last year’s crop. He suggested I did not need to remove the skins first next time, that is too much work! Also, Ray is sure that this winter will be a wet one; he looked back at all the farm weather records, there has never been five years in a row of drought, and right now we have had our four years of it…

When I got home Miriam and I had tomato sandwiches and some pears. Delicious! What a treat! I will can most of the peaches.




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  1. W6PNG says:


    Having a bad shoulder sounds awful and hope it mends sooner than months! Kudos for heading out with an injury….it takes “grit”.

    Paul W6PNG

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