Dawn on Sunset Peak (W6 CT-022) 5796 ft, 2 October 2015

Sunset Peak is over near Mt. Baldy, and can either be a steep hike up a fire break, or a gentler 3.5 mile hike up fire road 2N07. Elevation gain is 1300 feet. I chose the gentler option of starting up the fire road 3 miles west of Cow Canyon Saddle. The fire break (and the other end of a fire road) start at this saddle which is only one mile west of Mt. Baldy Village. So I parked the car 4 miles from the village.

Right now I am afflicted by “frozen shoulder” which limits movement of my upper left arm. I had a cortisone injection three days ago which has reduced pain and improved range of movement, and will start physical therapy next week. Hopefully I will be back to normal in a couple of months.

Because of this, I decided to “go light” and make this a 2 meter VHF activation so I would only need carry an HT, J-pole antenna and coax cable. I used an RF coverage program online (http://www.cplus.org/rmw/rmonline.html)  to verify that my signal would reach south over the entire LA basin and even down to San Diego. Mike N6MKW had alerted for Mt Islip W6 CT-010 so I hoped to make a summit to summit QSO with him

Up to Mt Baldy Village, left on Glendora Ridge Road. Arrived at the trail head in the dark, lit by a half moon. Had some coffee, set off in the dawn at 0625. Weather nice and cool 50F (10C) no wind and cloudless sky. Nice hike up the dirt road, parts through oak and evergreen woods. This would also be a good bike ride.

Sunrise on Sunset Peak fire road 2 miles from the start. This is at the intersection where the road you see leads down east to Cow Canyon Saddle. Iron Mountain W6 CT-056

Every so often I paused to listen to the birds singing as they woke for the day. Took one and three quarter hours to get to the top, beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.


Mt Baldy W6 CT-003 to the left, Telegraph Peak W6 CT-046 is high point on the right. Further right out of picture is the hulking presence of Ontario Peak W6 CT-048. Remnants of old fire lookout here on Sunset

Ontario Peak is quite impressive

Set up the J-pole, a good number of VHF QSOs. Bob KB6CIO kept me updated with Mike’s progress via APRS, and made the s2s QSO when he reached the summit.


The set up with Mt Baldy in the background

A nice hike down after about an hour and a half at the summit. Looking down to the fire road I came up



Here is where I parked

Drove back by continuing on the Glendora Ridge Road, a scenic road I had never driven before.


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