Calabasas Peak (W6 CT-214) 2163 ft, 20 November 2015

Another mountain in the Santa Monicas, not too far from Saddle Peak (W6 CT-035). I drove as for Saddle Peak via Pacific Coast Highway, Las Flores, Rambla Pacifico and Schueren Road, but this time turned sharp left and then down Stunt Road several miles to the start of the hike up the Calabasas Peak Motorway….

My Favorite Peaks, Three Years of SOTA 16 November 2015

I thought I would write a little about my favorite 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point summits after three years of Summts on the Air. Three years ago I would not have imagined that I would hike 50+ unique summits in Southern California. On looking at my selections, I see they have a common…