Nike Ajax Site LA-57, Redondo Beach, 4 March 2016

Not much of a “summit”, but I thought I would pay a visit to the old Nike Integrated Fire Control air defense site near my  house; it is about a 20 minute walk or 5 minutes by bike. I rode my bike. It was designated “LA-57”. The elevation is about 100 feet, and it is about a mile from the Pacific Ocean. The Nike Ajax missiles under IFC control were at Torrance Airport a couple of miles east. The Nike Ajax carried high explosive warheads; I guess it is good to know that there were no nuclear warheads stored so close by!



The site is up among the trees behind that apartment building up there. The former IFC site is now the F.E.Hopkins Wilderness Park.



A quick bike ride up here. Entrance to the park on the right



The only hint of the site’s former use is this plaque at the visitor’s center.



Visitor’s center. Quite a few little kids and their mothers around this weekday morning.



The site encompasses 11 acres and their are two nice little ponds



I think the park is also often used for ham radio field day operation. You can do day camping or over night camping



Set up the j-pole for 2 meter FM and operated here in this tree!



Spent about 45 minutes and worked many of the usual local chasers and two ones, Mario W6OH and Alan K6FEX

Charles KM6CEM  Scott WA9STI  K6FEX  Rich N6IET  Dan NA6MG  Jeff K6QCB  W6OH


Contrast on this hazy day was not good, but you can just make out the Pacific Ocean from the hill top



73! Hal N6JZT


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