Cold Morning on Mt Williamson (W6 CT-011) 30 April 2016

Dan NA6MG and I had planned concurrent activations on mountains close to each other: me for Mt Williamson and Dan for Throop Peak (W6 CT-005). The weather was not particularly nice, and both of us had an unpleasant drive through drizzle in the dark up along Angeles Crest Highway. Above 5000 feet or so it began to clear, and once I reached Cloudburst Summit at 7000 feet the sky was clear. I parked at Isip Saddle, and after a few minutes of drinking coffee I heard Dan call on 2m FM; he was passing by Eagles Roost and would be at Islip Saddle in a few minutes. He arrived, we discussed plans, then he set off for Dawson Saddle and the beginning of the Throop hike, while I had a little more coffee and then set off at 0635. It was light by then

Twin Peaks (W6 CT-064), with cone-shaped “The Volcano”/”Don’t Do It Peak” (W6 CT-083) in front of it



Pretty soon I could see that higher clouds were blowing in, and that Throop (1000 feet higher than Williamson) was in the clouds. So it looked like we were due for a little weather. At the point where the trail hits the ridge, a backpacker had set up his tent…I saw quite a few Pacific Crest Trail hikers today, in fact.

Another view of “The Volcano”



The wind picked up and I was in the clouds. At the summit, I got cold pretty quickly since the temperature was about freezing and the wind was strong. Talked with Dan summit to summit and he said it was very windy over there, below freezing. Both of us were shivering so both of us decided to just do quick 2m FM activations. We worked Charles KM6CEM who was listening out for us, then some other stations; including SOTA chasers Eric N6HEG and Jerry NG6R


In all I spent only about 25 minutes on the summit, much less than my usual one and a half hours. It was just too cold. Dan said it was starting to hail on him, so we both headed down. Pretty quickly it began to snow lightly on me which I thought was nice. They were just nice snow flakes blowing in the wind.

On the way down, in the clouds



And further down looking back



We met up at Islip Saddle again, then drove down to Newcomb’s Ranch where Dan treated me to breakfast, so I owe him the next breakfast when we do this again.

“Holiday Snaps” outside Newcomb’s







73! Hal N6JZT


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