Baked on Little Gleason Mountain (W6 CT-087) 6020 ft, 1 June 2016


A high pressure area will be sitting over Southern California for a few days. bringing hot temperatures. So I wanted to get up the mountain early and then head down before it would get too hot. This is a bike ride which I have done several times before; about 5.5 miles on a paved road followed by half a mile on a dirt road that is steep in most places. So I push the bike there. There is no shade at the top.

Previous activations here:

Set off at 0600 and reached the top in one and a half hours.Set up the mast for VHF (roll up jpole) and HF (center fed dipole)


First worked NU7A summit-to-summit on 20m, then 2m then back to HF while I continued to monitor 2m.

2m coverage is pretty good here: Palmdale, Lancaster and the desert, the South Bay cities, Los Angeles, San Diego and the San Fernando Valley. Coverage to the San Gabriel Valley is marginal; I was surprised to hear Dan NA6MG 59, but as expected Charles KM6CEM was scratchy and he could not hear me.

2m FM: KI6JL(El Mirage- desert to the east) NA6MG(Temple City)  N6RFB(Corona)  NG6R(Palos Verdes) KJ6TOA(La Mesa near San Diego) N6HEG(El Segundo)


30m CW: K0HNC NK6A

At about 9AM I was on 30m, I suddenly realized I was getting very hot, the sun was baking me! So packed up to head down.

Radio bike packed and ready for the descent


A quick and enjoyable ride down, the temperature was 82F (28C) but felt much hotter in the dry air and bright sun

I then drove down to Blum Ranch to pick up some honey and dried pears. There, the elderly Mrs Billet came out of the farm house to help me after I drove up. I asked how her husband was and she told me he had passed away 6 weeks ago. Sad news indeed, and she is quite obviously heartbroken. She said none of the kids or grand kids want to continue with the farm, it being so hard nowadays to make enough money from it, so this  may be their last season. They had only received 5 inches of rain (our 5th year of drought) so the workers had to thin the peaches on the trees; they have to stop watering every few days to let the reservoir refill from the underground source in their canyon.

Mrs Billet saw my bike on the back of the jeep, she said that I must have wanted to finish my ride before it got too hot! Yep!

I will be back in a few months when the harvest is due to buy some fresh peaches and pears. I canned a lot of peaches from the last season,  I really should make a peach pie today.

73! Hal N6JZT


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