Burnt Peak Bike Ride (W6 CT-093) 5794 ft, 15 July 2016

Burnt Peak is at the far north western end of the Angeles National Forest. For me, quite a freeway drive up I405 and then I5, exiting at Lake Hughes Road, then left at Elizabeth Lake along Pine Canyon Road. Then up USFS dirt road 7N23. It is really no further than the drive to, say, the Throop Peak trail head on the Angeles Crest Highway. It just feels further since I am less familiar with it.

Entrance to 7N23 (photo taken later in the morning). The parking area is about 3 miles up the road. The road is in good shape, you do not need 4 wheel drive. It would be OK for low or high clearance vehicles.


At the parking area, 7N23 continues on to the west. To the east the road towards Sawtooth Mountain (W6 CT-117) is gated.

The road towards Burnt Peak is also locked and gated


This road is in better shape than the road I had just driven up. Perhaps because the operators of the electronics site at the top pay to have it graded. Most of the ride is OK with some ups and downs; I pushed up a steep part. The ascent is about 3 miles and 600 feet elevation gain (100 feet on return)


At the top is a FAA site


Set up the j-pole and EFHW. Since I was so early I answered the CQ of Leo N6SEI  in Los Angeles, we had a ragchew but unfortunately my pen ran out of ink towards the end of the QSO! After I got another pen out of my back pack,  called CQ on 2m FM and Mike N6MKW came back, he had just reached the top of Kratka Ridge W6 CT-014. CQ on 20m, the RBN must have spotted me pretty quickly since W0MNA came back almost immediately.

2m FM: N6MKW



30m CW: WW7D

Site after I took down the EFHW at the end of the activation. There was good cell service and no RFI on 2m.


View back the way I came


Redrock Mountain (W6 CT-139) to the west and south. This summit has not been activated, it is fairly tough. Most hikers stop at the benchmark at the left (south) end of the ridge. Sometimes someone will continue one and a half miles along the ridge to the true summit 500 feet higher. I see on peakbagger.com that Dave Benson did this


The ride down



Liebre Mountain W6 CT-095) to the west and north. I wanted to continue on 7N23 to see about a potential bike ride; I figured the road was gated closed at the deep saddle.



Back to the parking place. This is Sawtooth Mountain W6 CT-117, activated once by Dan NA6MG/WO6M. It is kind of annoying to hike, as you have to descend to it to climb it, then descend and hike back up! A sign at the gated dirt road says that area is closed for habitat restoration; I do not think it is really closed anymore since the legal closure order expired in October 2015. http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprd3820983.pdf. Probably worth a call to the USFS if you want to hike there.


Anyway, I put the bike on the Jeep and continued along 7N23, the road is worse now and a high clearance vehicle is probably best. Though 15 years ago I would have driven my old Mercedes 380SE on it. I always figured those Mercedes sedans were built pretty tough! I stopped to check out the Sawmill Campground, looks like no water but shade from the Oak trees


Continued the descent to the saddle through an oak and pine forest


Yes, the road was gated closed at the saddle. The bike ride would be very steep; I think hauling my bike here and then pushing my bike up steeply for 1000 feet would be more trouble than it is worth. I think it better to hike Liebre on the Pacific Crest Trail from the north.


While I was at the saddle and then heading back a couple of big green USFS crew vehicles came long, followed by a stake bed truck full of chainsaws. I guess they had some work to do, as I saw them unlock the gate and go up Liebre.

Pretty oak woodland


After getting back to Pine Canyon Road, I decided to take the slow way home through the canyons, rather than the freeways. Elizabeth Lake, Green Valley, Spunky Canyon, Bouquet Canyon, through part of Santa Clarita to Sand Canyon, Little Tujunga Canyon and finally hit the 210 freeway. I was lucky I did this, since part way along I heard on the radio that I5 had a tremendous traffic jam as they were trying to retrieve a tanker truck that had gone over the side! I sure do not like freeway driving, you can never tell what disaster is just around the corner!

73! Hal N6JZT





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