Moonlight Hike to Sunset Peak (W6 CT-022) 5796 ft 21 October 2016

I planned an early hike and short VHF activation to Sunset Peak because the day was predicted to be very hot, in the 90sF (35C+). Arrived at Mt Baldy Village and Glendora Ridge Road in the dark just before 0530. The road was gated closed! I did not have my map, but remembered that Cow Canyon Saddle was about a mile (1.5 km) up the road and maybe 400 feet (120m) elevation gain, not too bad. So I set off just after 0530 by the light of a half moon, and reached the saddle in just under 20 minutes. So all was OK.

Previous activation

Headed up the jeep road (gated closed to vehicles) and a nice hike through the dark with moonlight, then slowly increasing light as dawn broke, the sun came up over the mountains some time after 0700. Total time to the summit from Mt Baldy Village was 1 hour 50 minutes, 4.2 miles, 1600 feet elevation gain


Set up the 2 metre j-pole, first QSO was with Dan NA6MG. We discussed the road closure, I had not looked at the county road page since I had not expected a closure. He looked and said it was closed due to high winds (it was windy the two previous days but now was still) and was scheduled to reopen today.



Stayed on the air about half an hour then headed down. I decided to take the ridge route for the first part to save time, then join the road which can be seen below. The ridge route is quite rugged with a good use trail and some rocks and boulders. You can take it all the way back to Cow Canyon Saddle but that seemed to much work for me.


As I walked along the jeep road I did notice that the day was becoming quite warm, so I was glad of my early start

Cow Canyon Saddle, ridge route to the left, jeep road is in the shade of the trees to the right


Glendora Ridge Road gated closed. I parked in a turn out on the right. My topo says this is 4200 feet, and the saddle is 4523 feet, just under a mile up the road


73! Hal N6JZT




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