Vetter Mountain – the Forgetting (W6 CT-021) 24 Feb 2017

On the drive up, just below the Red Box turn off to Mt Wilson, came across a car that was stalled in the road with the flashers on. This was at 0530 in the dark. Luckily we were the only people on the road. In it was a young woman named Becky and her dog Zeus. She had run out of gas! She asked if I had any but I did not. We could not push her car out of the way, apparently you need to have the engine running to be able to put it in “Neutral”from “Park”, these cars are too computerized and “clever”nowadays. I had her rotate her key to the fully ON position but it would not go to neutral…luckily my Jeep will go to neutral when you do this so I won’t have this problem! She was up there to visit a friend at Red Box, there is a house there behind the Native American center. So I gave her a lift there, only half a mile further up the road. Later on the way back down her car was not in the road, so I guess her friend had a little gas up there.

A nice day, clear but cold, a little below freezing. Wore my woolens. There was a light wind that eventually decreased to nothing.

Set up the EFHW, a nice set up with the mast attached to a dead Yucca, and tied off to a bolt on the lookout foundation. But then I found I had forgot my short power cord from the battery to the HB1B transceiver. I knew where it was, on my work bench in the garage right where I had been testing the battery voltage! And I also had forgot my SMA to BNC adapter for the jpole, so I would just have to use the HT and rubber duck antenna!

Today’s minimalist set up


Charles KM6CEM spotted me on 2m


So I got 5 QSOs!

Mt Baldy


Strong winds in this year’s storms had blown over the little weather station shack. It had not been bolted to the foundation!


Felt very warm on the walk down in the bright sunshine, though the temperature had only risen to 41F/5C.

Mt Waterman and Twin Peaks


Mt Waterman


Stopped in at Newcomb’s Ranch and had coffee, pancake, sausage and an egg. Then drove further up as far as the “snow play”area at 6000 feet, stopped there and had drank coffee, I did not go further because the flashing Caltrans sign warned of an icy road ahead to Cloudburst Summti (7000 ft) and I did not want to deal with that. There had already been a few ice patches on the road

Only a few people up for breakfast at 1100.


73! Hal N6JZT



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