Mt Waterman with NA6MG (W6 CT-012) 1 April 2017


Got up to Buckhorn picnic area early and had some coffee while waiting for Dan. The day dawned cold and clear with some breeze, temp just above freezing (35F/2C)

Some snow.. brought crampons and ice axe but did not need them. When I need them I don’t bring them, go figure…





Managed to set up out of the wind but in the sun. It was a beautiful day.


Dan staying out of the wind, he made lots of QSOs on 40m, two on 17m and none on 15m.


Dan chatting with Charles, KM6CEM on 2m FM


Instead of heading back down the way we had come, went down to the ski area and then the jeep road. Dan had never gone this way before.

Little reservoir near top of chair 1 is full due to the rainy winter


We ran into Todd at the ski area and chatted a while. He said they had 500 people on opening day this year!


73! Hal N6JZT

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:50z AB6UI 144MHz FM
15:50z KD6CQS 144MHz FM
15:51z N6HEG 144MHz FM
15:55z KI6UCN 144MHz FM
15:58z KG6BPY 144MHz FM
16:00z KM6CEM 144MHz FM
16:07z VA6FUN 14MHz CW
16:11z W0MNA 14MHz CW
16:12z VE2JCW 14MHz CW
16:13z W0ERI 14MHz CW
16:13z NG6R 14MHz CW
16:14z WB0KIU 14MHz CW
16:15z N4EX 14MHz CW
16:17z W5BOS 14MHz CW
16:19z N5ZC 14MHz CW
16:20z AB6UI 14MHz CW
16:22z NG0E 14MHz CW
16:22z W4HBK 14MHz CW
16:23z NE4TN 14MHz CW
16:24z AC1Z 14MHz CW
16:25z WA2USA 14MHz CW
16:32z NU7A 10MHz CW
16:34z W0CP 10MHz CW
16:35z W4HBK 10MHz CW
16:36z KX0R 10MHz CW
16:37z WA7SB 10MHz CW
16:40z KG7VAK 10MHz CW
16:41z N5ZC 10MHz CW
16:42z KX6A 10MHz CW
16:56z KX6A 144MHz FM
17:05z KI6AZQ 144MHz FM
17:07z W6DGN 144MHz FM

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