Clouds on Strawberry Peak (W6 CT-018) 6164 ft, 17 May 2017


Parked at Red Box, 41F (5C). Clear with clouds below


From back to front, Mt Lukens (W6 CT-030), Hoyt Mountain (W6 CT-146) barely peeking through the clouds, and Peak 4202 (W6 CT-150) still above the clouds, for now. And a ridge coming down from Mt Disappointment.


Yes, the clouds are coming up


I noticed someone had ridden their horse half way up the steep use trail from the saddle! Hoof prints and horse poop!

After the steep ridge and false summits, the true summit in view


Lupines in bloom


Set up the j-pole out of the wind


2m FM: Don W6XAA   Andy N6KUZ   Stephen AC6DX   Ken K6EK   Dan NA6MG  Anthony KB6WWI  Scott N6WMD

And talked with Brian AB6UI on the Hughes Aircraft repeater W6HA

Clouds around the summit as I headed down



73! Hal N6JZT


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