Bike Ride to Mt Pacifico (W6 CT-015) 13 July 2017

Arrived at the road head (Santa Clara Divide Road) at 0416 and enjoyed the quiet dawning of the day and drank coffee. Dan NA6MG and I had arranged to ride together and meet at 0500 but no Dan. Turned out he had gone to the other road head at Mill Creek Summit. We need to coordinate better!

Half an hour before sunrise. My favorite time of the day


Set off at 0530, lots of rocks and boulders and trees on the road from the collapsing hillside, due to the heavy rains this past winter.


Talked with Dan on 2m FM higher up. Took about 2 hours to the summit.

Set up here


Dan arrived after I had made a few QSOs on 2m. More wisely, he set up at a picnic table which still had pretty good 2m coverage because he worked Charles KM6CEM from his “shack”


After our activation we chatted a while then headed down, splitting up at the campground road/Santa Clara Road junction. He actually was able to make his 5 miles down faster than my 3 miles down, since his stretch of the road was in good condition

Some obstacles on the way down, walked the bike for several short spells



The USFS needs to build some retaining walls or parts of the road may collapse…

Stopped at Newcomb’s Ranch and had a nice burger for lunch, saying hi to Darren and Danielle

73! Hal N6JZT

Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:37z KB6WWI 144MHz FM
14:46z KD6FR 144MHz FM
15:08z KM6CEM 144MHz FM
15:17z NU7A 14MHz CW
15:19z K8LJG 14MHz CW
15:20z N4MJ 14MHz CW
15:23z NG6R 14MHz CW
15:24z N8BB 14MHz CW
15:25z K4MF 14MHz CW
15:27z WA7SB 14MHz CW
15:28z N4EX 14MHz CW
15:37z K6TUY 10MHz CW
15:47z K6HPX 7MHz CW
15:48z W7USA 7MHz CW
15:49z W7RV 7MHz CW
15:50z KR7RK 7MHz CW
15:51z K1LB 7MHz CW
15:55z KM6BMQ 7MHz CW
15:57z KX6A 7MHz CW

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