Hike by Road and Trail to Mt Islip (W6 CT-010) 21 July 2017

The Angeles Crest Highway is closed at Islip Saddle (6650 feet), due to a sink hole about 10 miles further on. I always enjoy walking this road when it is closed to vehicles, several times having walked the 5.5 miles up to Dawson Saddle (7900 feet) and back. I figured I would walk about 2 miles up the road, then up the use trail a few hundred feet to Windy Gap, then by trail to the 8250 ft summit

Stopped at Buckhorn picnic area, discovered my camera has a night time setting, and got this nice shot of the Moon and Venus


Parked at Islip Saddle, had some coffee, then a nice walk up the road


55 minutes to here, then another 15 minutes up 300 feet to Windy Gap


Just about to the pass. Beautiful weather cool and little wind


Took about 10 or 15 minutes to decide to set up here. I did not set up the 2m j-pole today


Was able to work two summit to summits, when I turned on the radio for 30m I heard KX0R on South Boulder Peak (W0C FR-075) in Colorado, we had a QSO then CQed on his frequency when he QSYed. Not much 2m today, Charles KM6CEM was out of town, Dan NA6MG was strong, and the idiot who now likes to jam the simplex calling frequency was playing his games too. When I went to 40m worked K7ODX on Strawberry Peak (W7U UT-006) in Utah

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:06z KX0R 10MHz CW
15:16z KX6A 10MHz CW
15:17z KB7HH 10MHz CW
15:18z WA7SB 10MHz CW
15:19z W0MNA 10MHz CW
15:20z W0ERI 10MHz CW
15:20z K5QR 10MHz CW
15:21z K7VK 14MHz CW
15:23z N9KW 10MHz CW
15:32z WW7D 14MHz CW
15:33z NA6MG 144MHz FM
15:34z K3TCU 14MHz CW
15:34z N4DA 14MHz CW
15:36z KI6NN 14MHz CW
15:36z AC7P 14MHz CW
15:37z N4MJ 14MHz CW
15:38z KB9ENS 144MHz FM
15:46z K7ODX 7MHz CW
15:51z W7RV 7MHz CW
15:52z WD7Y 7MHz CW
15:53z K0MP 7MHz CW

A nice hike down the “normal” way past Little Jimmy camp, the jeep road, and the Pacific Crest Trial back to Islip Saddle

Because the road is closed, I think I may ride my bike up to Dawson Saddle and then hike Throop Peak’.

73! Hal N6JZT

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