Bald Mountain (W6 SS-285) and Peak 9060 (W6 SS-298) 15 Sept 2017

Dan NA6MG and I planned a camping/hiking trip to the Southern Sierra, in the area above Kennedy Meadow and then over Sherman Pass to the Big Meadow area. We had done a conditioning hike/SOTA to Mt Baden-Powell (W6 CT-004) the week before.

On Friday, I left the house at 0245. Talked with Dan on 2m VHF a couple times on the way up. I came on the 14 freeway, he came over the mountains on the Angeles Crest and Angeles Forest Highways; it was cloudy up there so that slowed him down. We met up at Grumpy Bear’s Cafe parking lot around 0700 at Kennedy Meadows, my mobile rig TX was no longer working (antenna problems?) so I was on the HT by then. My plan was to do Bald Mountain then Peak 9060. Dan planned to do Kennedy Peak and Pine Mountain, he ended up doing Pine and then Jackass Peak because Kennedy was bordered by private property and not accessible from here.

There are dozens of “Bald Mountains” in the US, maybe even a hundred! So this is the one that is 9382 feet tall, a drive up a well-signposted dirt road from Sherman Pass Road. The drive up is about 2 miles, then a quarter mile walk  to the fire tower on the summit.

Parked the Jeep near the summit. Do not need 4 wheel drive for this road, I don’t think you need a high clearance vehicle either.


The fire tower was occupied (two pickup trucks were at the base), but the stairway had a “closed due to extreme winds” sign on it, even though it was not too windy! So I did not get to go up.

Set up below the tower


Still some snow on the mountains way in the distance


Radio conditions were good on all bands. Worked Dan summit to summit, he was on Pine Mountain after a steep cross country climb

Date:15/Sep/2017 Summit:W6/SS-285 (Bald Mountain) Call Used:N6JZT Points: 8 Bonus: 0   

Time Call Band Mode Notes
16:03z NA6MG 144MHz FM s2s pine mtn w6 ss328
16:04z K6HPX 14MHz CW
16:05z WW7D 14MHz CW
16:05z W7RV 14MHz CW
16:06z W5BOS 14MHz CW
16:07z K5OT 14MHz CW
16:08z N6PKT 14MHz CW
16:09z NS7P 14MHz CW
16:09z VA7VJ 14MHz CW
16:10z W0PHX 14MHz CW
16:11z KE0HWZ 14MHz CW
16:12z K8LJG 14MHz CW
16:22z W7KKM 10MHz CW
16:25z NS7P 10MHz CW
16:25z NU7A 10MHz CW
16:29z KR7RK 10MHz CW
16:32z KB7HH 10MHz CW
16:40z WB7ULD 7MHz CW
16:41z W7RV 7MHz CW
16:43z N7CW 7MHz CW
16:44z KH2TJ 7MHz CW

Headed back down to Sherman Pass Road, then a drive of another 5 miles to the road to Peak 9060, “Boone Road” 22S20


I parked here, right at the start of Boone Road


The first part of the road is excellent: with a 2WD vehicle you can drive 0.7 miles or so until the left turn on old unmarked dirt road 22S38, if you have 4WD you could keep going on this rougher road to within a few hundred feet of the summit. This road does not look like it is maintained

Pk9060 map

Up the 4WD rough road


Through pretty forest and meadow


Then leave the road at its highest point and head for the top


Lots of rock formations at the top


Set up here


Lots of nice QSOs, including a summit to summit with Dan after he made a difficult and steep climb on boulders to the top of Jackass Peak. Also with George KX0R on Methodist Mountain in Colorado. ZL1BYZ from his big station in New Zealand!

Date:15/Sep/2017 Summit:W6/SS-298 (9060) Call Used:N6JZT Points: 8 Bonus: 0

Time Call Band Mode Notes
19:37z KX0R 14MHz CW s2s w0c sp064
19:39z KB7HH 14MHz CW
19:40z NA6MG 144MHz FM s2s jackass peak w6 ss290
19:40z ZL1BYZ 14MHz CW
19:41z K0HNC 14MHz CW
19:42z KE5AKL 14MHz CW
19:43z AE9F 14MHz CW
19:44z W9MRH 14MHz CW
19:47z N8BB 14MHz CW
19:47z K3TCU 14MHz CW
19:49z W1EJ 14MHz CW
19:49z NE4TN 14MHz CW
19:51z WR8O 14MHz CW
19:57z NS7P 10MHz CW
19:58z W6TDX 10MHz CW
20:00z WB0USI 10MHz CW
20:01z W7RV 10MHz CW
20:02z NA7C 10MHz CW
20:03z KR7RK 10MHz CW
20:04z W7CNL 10MHz CW
20:05z K7PX 10MHz CW
20:12z W7KKM 7MHz CW

Now heading back down. The weather was beautiful, cool with little wind and bright sunshine


The hike is about 2 miles each way with 550 feet of elevation gain. I think it took just over an hour on the way up. Very pleasant.

After having a snack of crackers and tuna salad at the Jeep, continued the drive up to Sherman Pass where I stopped and had some coffee. Chatted with some young Spanish guys who were on vacation in a small RV: a converted minivan supplied by “Juicy RV Rentals”. It looked like a well-designed vehicle.

Then down and down the winding road, turning left on the road to Big Meadow. Stopped at Horse Meadow Campground, set up in the same spot Dan and I camped at last year. Chatted with the campground host Wayne. He had a big Santa Claus-style beard!

Dan arrived before too long, we had some dinner and chatted about the day”s adventures and the plan for tomorrow. Activated my SPOT beacon to send an “All OK” message to my wife.

73! Hal N6JZT


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