Corral Benchmark (W6 SS-324) and Peak 8108 (W6 SS-336) 16 Sept 2017 Mountain Goat Day!

I had been fascinated by Corral Benchmark in this area for some time; I could find no hiking information on it. It was not  listed on, or Its elevation is 8340 feet, lat long 35.8561, -118.387.  The steepness from the topo map and Google Earth looked to be imposing.

Two possible routes presented themselves to Dan and me. A short one that would be steeper and just to the left of the cliffs making up the “nose”, and a longer route to avoid the steepest area


We thought the longer one might be better.

We made our way to Cannell Meadow and then past the turn off to the Ranger Station. A 2WD vehicle is sufficient to get to the trail head at 35.8412, -118.3251.

An old faint road is used to start the hike, where Dan parked. You can also park at a turn out a hundred yards further west on the “main” road.


Hiking north along the old road, the “nose”” of Corral Benchmark becomes visible


We followed the road for about 0.7 miles, then went NW through a bit of meadow, then forest, rounding the slight “hump” 7920 feet to its south side. We went through this forest area, trending a bit to the left and up towards the nose, so I guess we went the steeper way rather than the longer “easier” way. We basically just kept going up and a bit to the left, following what looked to be the best way. As we did this, we always found a good  way ahead, it was not difficult so luckily it was much easier than we had expected from Google Earth. Just goes to show, I guess!

Some ascent and descent track updates from my SPOT device sort of show the route we took


It was fun. Not hard at all. It was OK descending this too.


The summit is one of the most spectacular Dan or I have ever been on. Great views!


There were three benchmarks about 50 yards west of the high point, placed there in 1956


Steep cliffs on the north side


Dan at the summit


Set up the radios. It was slow going on 20 meters at first, the band was very crowded. Hopefully Dan and I between us got all the chasers around at this time on a Saturday!

Date:16/Sep/2017 Summit:W6/SS-324 (Corral Benchmark) Call Used:N6JZT Points: 8 Bonus: 0  

Time Call Band Mode Notes
17:54z AB9CA 14MHz CW
18:03z W2/DL6AP/P 14MHz CW s2s w2 eh003
18:14z K4MF 14MHz CW
18:15z NS7P 14MHz CW
18:16z VA6FUN 14MHz CW
18:18z N7BHP 14MHz CW
18:20z N0EVH 14MHz CW
18:21z VE7OM 14MHz CW
18:31z W7RV 7MHz CW
18:32z K6HPX 7MHz CW
18:36z KG7VAK 7MHz CW

And now I am a new SOTA Mountain Goat!


The descent down was no problem, in the forested area Dan’s GPS device guided us back to the old road.

The elevation gain on the Corral hike is about 800 feet, maybe a mile and a half each way. Took about an hour and 20 minutes to reach the summit.

Then we headed over to hike Peak 8108, W6 SS-336. Back tracked on the forest roads, and then took the road towards Taylor Meadow, making our way to another old road at 35.8088 -118.2935. This hike is about 2.5 miles each way, 850 feet elevation gain


This SOTA super highway took us almost to the summit.


After a couple of miles, the summit is on the right above us.


Church Dome, from the high point of the road. This would make a good picnic spot. The summit is about 100 feet up in elevation behind me.


Set up in the summit rocks


A bit slow going this Saturday afternoon, did not mind, I was enjoying the fine weather. Worked some stations in a Washington state contest

Date:16/Sep/2017 Summit:W6/SS-336 (8108) Call Used:N6JZT Points: 8 Bonus: 0   

Time Call Band Mode Notes
22:29z W7DX 7MHz CW
22:36z N7LP 7MHz CW
22:41z W2SE 14MHz CW
22:45z W9MRH 14MHz CW
22:47z NU7A 14MHz CW
22:51z AC7T 14MHz CW
22:56z W5TM 14MHz CW

Both the summits today were great; Dan and I enjoyed these mountains very much

SOTA Peak 8213 W6 SS-333 to the east


Heading down the SOTA super highway, looking back to the summit



Taylor Dome in the distance


Headed back to camp, where we had some champagne, brought by Dan for the occasion, to celebrate my new Mountain Goat status!


Thank you all SOTA chasers and activators along the way!

73! Hal N6JZT


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