Catching Up..Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2017

Last few months I have hiked quite a few of the nearby mountains from the Angeles Crest Highway….Waterman (twice), Bare Mtn, San Gabriel Peak, Vetter, Williamson, Throop, Islip and Lewis. Just adding a few photos. The weather has been very dry and there is no snow at all!

I have also rekindled my long ago interest in astronomy, bought a portable telescope, and used it at the Three Points picnic area it to look at some beautiful sky objects objects. So I have got out of bed at 0200 to do astro, hiking and radio.

Memorable hike up through freezing fog on Waterman 3 November


Dry as a bone on Mt Lewis, 15 December



Astro…finding my way around the sky again through constellations. Orion, Gemini, Auriga, Taurus, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Cancer, Leo. Observing Mars, Jupiter, M42 nebula in Orion, and pretty star clusters M35, M45 (the Pleiades), M44 (the Beehive), M38, M37. Even up in these mountains I can only see down to magnitude 4 by eye, due to the light pollution from the “Los Angeles Nebula”. But can see much dimmer objects in the scope.

M38, from Wikipedia, creative commons



73! Hal N6JZT


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