Josephine Peak (W6 CT-025) and a New Year 5 January 2018

A bit of a SOTA party today with Mike N6MKW on Pk 4202, Scott WA9STI on Mt Lewis, and Kevin W6RIP on Mt Islip

Josephine Peak is one of the closer mountains to home, just under an hour’s drive. Started the hike about half an hour before sunrise.

Hiking up the well-graded fire road. I have taken my bike three times in the past, but wanted more walking exercise this time


And there’s the moon!


A young USFS firefighter came running by me at one point!

After two and a half hours, reached the top. Lots of 2 meter FM activity, then 20m and 40m CW. Summit-to-summit QSOs with N6MKW, W6RIP, and WA9STI

16:50z N6MKW 144MHz FM
17:00z NA6MG 144MHz FM
17:00z N6HEG 144MHz FM
17:00z KG6HQD 144MHz FM
17:01z KM6CEM 144MHz FM
17:02z WB6COY 144MHz FM
17:08z KM6LAA 144MHz FM
17:09z KD6CQS 144MHz FM
17:10z NG6R 144MHz FM
17:10z KE6GQO 144MHz FM
17:11z W6PMD 144MHz FM
17:12z KK6HRS 144MHz FM
17:28z AC1Z 14MHz CW
17:32z W0MNA 14MHz CW
17:33z NK6A 14MHz CW
17:33z W0ERI 14MHz CW
17:34z AA0BV 14MHz CW
17:34z AB4PP 14MHz CW
17:35z N4EX 14MHz CW
17:37z ZL1BYZ 14MHz CW
17:38z N2ESE 14MHz CW
17:40z WW7D 14MHz CW
17:42z WA2USA 14MHz CW
17:49z KB7HH 7MHz CW
17:50z W7RV 7MHz CW
17:52z K6EL 7MHz CW
17:52z K7JFD 7MHz CW
17:53z NW7E 7MHz CW
17:53z N6PKT 7MHz CW
17:54z W5GAI 7MHz CW
17:55z WA6KYR 7MHz CW
17:55z WB7ULD 7MHz CW
17:56z K0RS 7MHz CW
17:56z NS7P 7MHz CW
17:57z K1LB 7MHz CW
18:20z W6RIP 144MHz FM
18:22z WA9STI 144MHz FM

Strawberry Peak from the top of Josephine. Other Angeles Crest peaks in the distance.


This may be the last of our dry-as-a-bone weather; a winter storm is predicted for next week.



On the way down, another USFS firefighter out for a run, and a few other hikers and their dogs.

73! Hal N6JZT


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