Mt Lawlor 5957 ft (W6 CT-089) 12 Jan 2018

Up early to do some stargazing. High level clouds were limiting but was able to see Vega and the constellation Hercules rising in the east, spot Arcturus and Spica, and begin to make out the constellation Draco which I had never tried to spot before….I was able to “see” a dragon but probably not the “official” one! This was up just beyond Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road on the Angeles Crest Highway turnoff.

Sunrise over Mt Baldy, from Red Box.


Returned to Red Box picnic area (Mt Wilson Road). Dave, Gary and Ken showed up for the hike about 0715. Hiked the usual way up Lawlor. A few days previously we had had some snow, but maybe not as low as Lawlor, there was some on Baldy and 8000 ft Mt Waterman…but none on Mt Lawlor like last January’s hike.

2m FM at the summit

Setting up the j-pole antenna






2m FM QSOs. Mike N6MKW was on Mt Emma

17:30z KM6CEM 144MHz FM
17:30z N6HEG 144MHz FM
17:31z NA6MG 144MHz FM
17:32z W9EO 144MHz FM
17:33z N6MKW 144MHz FM S2s
17:34z NG6R 144MHz FM
17:35z KJ6UVT 144MHz FM
17:36z W6KL 144MHz FM
17:37z AI6ZK 144MHz FM
17:37z AI6ZV 144MHz FM


Heading back down the ridge


Back at Red Box



73! Hal N6JZT


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