VHF on Mt. Waterman (W6 CT-012) 8038 ft, 5 December 2015

I figured I would hike Mt Waterman to pick up the three point winter bonus. I like to activate some of these mountains for 8 points in the summer, then again in December for the winter points. No snow to speak of on the ground; it snowed a little a few weeks ago but now it is dry as a bone! I decided to do 2m VHF only since I wanted to concentrate more on the hike and less on setting up antennas this time.

Set off at 0630, temperature a few degrees above freezing. I was trying out some new wool hunting pants I had bought from the Johnson Woolen Mills in Vermont. They certainly kept me very warm!

The summit is about 15 minutes away. Nice sunny weather


Used the roll up j-pole, made a lot of FM QSOs


W6W was in San Diego commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec 7), W7QED was with his Boy Scouts who were collecting mistletoe, KK6QMS was Clifford up on San Pedro Hill s2s putting in a new repeater.

Then a nice walk down via the Jeep road, stopped and chatted with Todd who was driving his pickup  up above the ski lifts to pick up some firewood. We lamented the lack of snow! Temperature was in the low 50s when I got back to the Jeep.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Elliott says:


    Just saw your blog. I still remember working you while we were on the mountain picking mistletoe. Thanks for the quick QSO!

    73, W7QED.

    1. hal90505 says:

      Yep, I remember that QSO too, when you and I think some Scouts were gathering misteltoe! 73, Hal

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